Boyd Haulage provides a fast efficient collection service to farms, households , manufacturers and the agriculture industry.

Boyd Haulage collects within two working days:

  • All ages and categories of fallen stock
  • Wheelie bins and skips

Boyd Haulage collects the following bin sizes from the agriculture industry and farm businesses.

  • 240 litre household bin
  • 360 litre
  • 1100 litre industrial bin

Boyd Haulage also collects 120-1100 litre bins of pigs and poultry and skips.

Boyd Haulage offers all types of service contracts from one-off collections through to long terms contracted repeat collections.

All bins collected from farms and agriculture businesses are washed and disinfected before being returned.

Boyd Haulage Two Day Service Guarantee

Boyd Haulage guarantees a two-day turnaround for each collection request.  If you wish to make a booking please use the form below or alternatively contact Foyle Proteins on 028 7186 1120.

  • All animals that are over 48months/4 years of age must be booked in via telephone to Foyle Proteins call centre for TSE sampling within 24 hours from time of death as required by DARD.
  • All scrapie monitored sheep must be booked into Foyle Proteins call centre as required by DARD within 24 hours from time of death .

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Bin Size:  

140 240 360 1100 Skips Bags



Do you require to be contacted before collection?

Any queries or if you wish to make a collection booking by telephone call Patrycja, Janette or Lisa at Foyle Proteins Call Centre on 028 7186 1120

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